Green and Circular economy

The large margins for Green and Circular Economy development have a positive impact in all areas, mainly for those addressed to product technological innovation and to the ecoinnovation processes.

A wide market that wants to develop more sustainable products/processes, from both economic and environmental point of view, is the milestone reached in recent years with the growth of the Green Economy. In the framework of The “Green Economy” develops a range of services including: innovation for business, sustainable design, eco-design, eco-efficiency, life-cycle analysis (LCA), life cycle cost analysis (LCCA).The growing attention towards sustainable productions is also enhanced by the legislation, according to the latest European measures, increasingly compelling towards greater sustainability policy (REACH, Biocides, Ecodesign).

Another type of service is the disposal of wastes and the recovery of by-products in accordance with the EU strategy, named Circular Economy. Circular Economy is a system in which all activities starting from the extraction and production, are arranged in a way that the wastes of someone become resources for others; this will lead to the end of one of the mechanisms underpinning the linear economy, by focusing on the function and the use of the products instead of property and product itself.

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